Guédelon Castle

At the heart of the Puisaye in the department of Yonne in Burgundy, about fifty workers are up to an extraordinary challenge: a castle being built today using the techniques and materials from the Middle Ages.

In the middle of a naturally wooded area , providing all the raw materials required for construction: stone, wood, earth, sand and clay … quarrymen, stonecutters, masons, woodcutters, carpenters, blacksmith, tile makers, carters, basket maker, ropemakers… build day after day a real castle before the eyes of thousands of visitors.

The project, started in 1997 and should last about 25 years.

Guédelon is open from March 17th to november 4th 2015.

In September, October to November 4th 2015 included: Guédelon is open from 10 am to 17:30 or 18h; Closed on Wednesdays

Guédelon website: Le Château de Guédelon